Central Hong Kong

Other Hong Kong Districts

Hong Kong is split up into a number of different districts, each of which was originally some type of village or settlement.  Although they are mostly now all joined into a continuous strip of city scape, at least along the north shore of Hong Kong Island they maintain some distinctive features that make each worth while visiting.

On the southern side of the Island things are different with much more spread out residential areas and only a few village areas though they are still to be found.



Although made famous by a bad reputation for night clubs the Wanchai District is actually a mixed commercial, entertainment and business area.  There are historic buildings still present that remind you of how this was once part of the British Empire.

Here you'll find small publishing houses, interior designers, restaurants, hotels, and yes night clubs.  But despite the questionable reputation from the days of the American army "R&R" during the Vietnam war today you'll find it a perfectly family-friendly district.

Do check out the old Wanchai Post Office which today is a mini museum. And try dining in some of the great ethnic restaurants of the area.

Find out more at the dedicated district website: http://hk-wanchai.com/


Causeway Bay

With some of the highest end shopping and dining options, high class residential, but also some funky back streets the district of Causeway Bay is a must-visit.

Whether you are watching the horse racing at the Happy Valley Race Course, walking in Victoria Park to enjoy the trees, shopping in Times Square or simply watching the crowds go by outside Sogo there is always something to do here.

Visit http://causeway-bay-hk.com/ for all the best things to do.



A world away in atmosphere, but just 20 minutes drive from Central is the south-side village of Stanley with its beaches, busy tourist market, al-fresco seaside dining and historic temples.

Take a look at http://www.hk-stanley-market.com/ to learn more