Central Hong Kong

Nearby Attractions

Being in the heart of the city Central Hong Kong is near many of the important attractions of the city.

Statue Square

The original public square of the city it is named for several statues of dignitaries that it houses and is surrounded by important buildings.  The square itself has been overshadowed by develop in the rest of Central but is still a go-to place to meet and to walk through on the way to one of the many destinations in the area. Make it a stepping off point, a photo opportunity or even a place to eat a sandwich purchased in one of the nearby delicatessens.

Overlooking the square on the south side is the HSBC Headquarters building, one of the most impressive structures in the territory.  To the east is the law courts building while to the north originally were the ferry piers, but reclamation has now pushed them a long way away though you can still walk to Star Ferry pier from Statue square in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Law Courts

Origionally the Law Courts of the British Colonly of Hong Kong this building was also used to house the Legislative Council or "LegCo" from 1985 to 2011 and most Hongkongers think of it.  With the removal of Legco to the Tamar site the old law courts building will once again became a place for couirt cases, but as the new Supreme court or "Court of Final Appeal" as it is officially know.

Admire the very classical colonial architecture, and walk along the colonnade to admire the stone that was mined locally in the 1910s for this building.

It is also a great place to take a picture including this classical building with also the hyper-modern architecture of the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, as was now HSBC, headquarters building.

HSBC Headquaters

HSBC Main Building is a headquarters building of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, which is today a wholly owned subsidiary of London based HSBC Holdings.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Open in 1963 when Hong Kong was experience a financial boom the hotel located right in Central next to the Statue Square has become an icon of quality service. Despite the building itself being a simple block and not otherwise outstanding it has build a world reputation as one of the best places in the world to stay.

Enjoy a modern British Afternoon Tea in the Clipper Lounger on the mezzanine floor!

Central Elevated Walk Way

Many of the most important parts of the Central district are connected by a series of elevated walkways, some of these are privately built between buildings of the Hong Kong Land group, while others are extensive government built replacements for pavements that have been driven out by the expanding cars.

All linked together they make a great way to use the city centre is a pedestrian district, even when it is actually not at all.  You can walk all the way from Statue Square, via Princes Building, as far as the Macau Ferry Terminal entirely inside walkways and shopping arcades.


Central and Mid Level Escalator

One of the stranger sights of the world is the giant Central and Mid Levels Escalator system.  Designed to fix basically the same problem as the Peak Tram did 100  years earlier, but more to the west of the island, the need for people to get up and down the steep slopes of Victoria Peak from the busy commercial waterfront to the residential areas above.

The system is just that, a system or collection of individual escalators and moving walkways joined together by mostly overhead bridges, though often coming down to road level.

Take a trip up the the Mid Levels and walk down again through the small side streets packed with funky shops, trending cafes and tiny restaurants offering cuisine from all over the world, you'll even find Chinese food here!