Central Hong Kong

About Central

Known to everybody simply as "Central" the world famed Central district of Hong Kong has been not just at the heart of business within HK but also a major financial centre for the globe.  Today it is place to do business, but also one to shop for souvenirs or for brand name goods, and also to enjoy modern Chinese dining, or the busy nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong.

With echoes of the colonial past visible in period buildings and monuments, there is no shortage of sights. But it is the modern ever changing buildings from International Finance Centre to the HSBC Headquarters Building that makes this city shine like no other in the region.

Tourists, travelers and visitors to Hong Kong come here to explore culture, to shop and to dine.  But also as a hub of the city it is where transport to other interesting regions comes and goes, be it ferries or subway trains or busses.

So enjoy your time in Central!

About central-hong-kong.com

Despite being a major part of any experience in Hong Kong there has never before been a website dedicated to explaining how make the best use of time in the district. Therefore as long time residents and visitors to Hong Kong we designed this website as part of our FastFacts series of guides to provide you with just the key information for immediate use. 

We hope you will find the information presented here to be helpful, please contact us with any questions or suggestions that you may have to improve the site for future visitors.


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